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Replacing the Flooring? Test Your Slab for Moisture

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What is Relative Humidity in Concrete Moisture Testing?

Flooring failures are a costly and avoidable setback. To prevent them, you need concrete moisture testing that goes well below the surface.   Read More

When is Concrete Moisture Testing Most Necessary?

Concrete moisture testing is a necessary step in the process of any construction project, and in many other cases as well, as a concrete slab moisture test is the most cost-effective means of determining: Read More

5 Things to Consider when Choosing a Concrete Moisture Testing Professional

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Concrete Moisture Testing Products vs Professionals

When it comes to concrete moisture testing in commercial construction, it might be tempting to simply buy a commercially available concrete moisture testing product and do it yourself. It’s as simple as taking a reading, right? Read More

5 Deliverables to Expect From a Comprehensive Moisture Testing Report

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The Importance of Relative Humidity Testing in Concrete Slabs

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A 5-Step Guide to Pre-installation Moisture Testing by a Certified Flooring Inspector

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Can One Type of Concrete Moisture Test Give me the Answers I’m Looking For?

The simple question seems to be: is the concrete dry enough, or isn’t it? Read More

Concrete Moisture Testing Costs - What If We Don't Do It?

If you don’t test, you have to guess. Concrete moisture testing is conducted for a single purpose: to determine the amount of moisture in a particular concrete slab. That begs the question then, of why this information might be important. And for Read More