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3D Imaging Uses in the Built Environment

3D imaging is one of the most impactful technologies to hit the built environment. In addition to allowing for the creation of 3D models and interactive content, 3D imaging is also an important part of as-builts and in-wall documentation.  Read More

3D Imaging Solutions for AEC Professionals

3D Imaging: it’s become a significant perk for Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) professionals in recent years. Today, the data produced by 3D scanning has a variety of applications, including use in mapping and interactive content Read More

How do you test for Moisture in a Concrete Slab?

Moisture in concrete slabs can be a real problem for a building project. When the moisture levels in concrete are too high, the concrete doesn’t set correctly and can lead to a host of building problems down the road. Fortunately, you can limit the Read More

Cost Impact of Concrete Moisture Testing - the Square Footage Calculation

When it comes to flooring, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This is especially true in the world of concrete moisture testing. Because the cost impact of a failed concrete slab can be so massive, being proactive is one of the most Read More

The 5 Most Important Conditions to Perform an Accurate Concrete Moisture Test

Did you know that property owners in the U.S. spend a collective $2.4 billion each year remediating concrete slabs and floor coverings damaged by moisture? Shocking, isn’t it? Even worse, we spend an additional $1.2 billion on topical moisture Read More

Concrete Moisture: How to Mitigate Risk and Avoid Hidden Costs

Concrete slab testing: it’s one of the most critical aspects of any building operation. Today, excessive moisture levels in concrete slabs can lead to numerous structural problems. In fact, an estimated 85% of all flooring installation failures Read More

3D Imaging Techniques & Multimedia Applications for Your Marketing Strategy

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Why you Should Incorporate 3D Reality Capture and VR Into Your Marketing Plan

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How do you Test for Moisture in Concrete Slabs?

Moisture in concrete slabs: it can wreak havoc on any building project. While moisture lends strength to concrete and is critical for the setting and curing processes, moisture can create a real issue when levels rise beyond what is needed or Read More

Top 5 Causes of Floor Failure and Its Consequences

When it comes to floor failure, the possibilities are virtually limitless. Today, there are dozens of ways a floor can fail, in one form or another. Builders can deal with adhesive failure, vinyl flooring failures, wood floor warping, coating Read More