IFTI is the leading independent concrete moisture testing company in North America.

What’s the best time for concrete slab testing?

  When it comes to testing the humidity/moisture in a concrete slab, there is a best time to ensure successful testing. As we mentioned in a previous blog, because there are a multitude of professionals involved in the construction and maintenance Read More

An Independent Flooring Inspection company reduces floor failure risk

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The Importance of New Construction Concrete Moisture Testing

Delays are One of the Most Frustrating Aspects of a New Construction Project Today’s “fast-track” construction requires complete and accurate specifications to provide those involved with detailed direction (including who, when, why and what). Read More

Understanding, Preventing and Correcting Concrete Moisture  Problems

  Incorporating independent concrete moisture testing into project specifications is the most effective means of preventing flooring failures.  In order to fully understand the causes and prevention of concrete moisture problems, it’s important to Read More

Change in ASTM F2170 (RH Testing) Standard

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Top 3 Reasons Why Your Floor is Failing

  As the industry leaders in concrete slab moisture testing, we deal with floor problems on a continual basis. Over the last 20 years, IFTI has collected and studied data and feedback from thousands of projects and here are the top 3 reasons why Read More